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Healthy air travel technology, Flightcare Global joins the Scalare portfolio

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Scalare Partners have invested in Flightcare Global, a technology-based aviation medical assistance platform, to help manage medical events pre-flight, in-flight and on the ground.

Scalare is proud to support a market disrupter in a time of unprecedented need for healthy aviation.

What does Flightcare Global do?

Flightcare Global is the considered industry response to health risk in the aviation industry.

The Company plans to disrupt the market by providing more cost-effective and better risk-mitigating care to passengers and crew through a proven clinical IT platform with a tiered severity approach combined with on-board technology and tailored solutions for different market segments commercial airlines, business jets, maritime and superyachts.

Why did Scalare Invest?

The Market:

Before the pandemic, aviation grew annually at record rates and is expected to recover by 2023. While these are troubling times for the aviation industry, there is no doubt that the industry will recover. By 2035 it is estimated that 7.2bn passengers will travel by air.

An ageing population combined with a growing number of lifestyle and chronic diseases mean that flight related medical events are growing year on year and are costly for airlines.

The total serviceable market for aviation health represents an opportunity of $650 million, and demand is growing in areas such as Africa, India and China.

The Founder/Team:

Founded by Dr Simon May (CEO) and Dr David Newman (Chair), both aviation medicine specialists, the industry knowledge within Flightcare Global is unparalleled. Dr May has intricate industry knowledge from companies such as Qantas, Virgin, Qatar Airways and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority while Dr Newman has been an international consultant in aviation medicine for the last 20 years following service in the Royal Australian Air Force.

The Product/technology

The Scalare team is impressed by the technology and wealth of knowledge that has gone into crafting the specialist platform. The Flightcare Global technology provides decision support to aircraft crew dealing with medical incidents. The system captures demographic information, the patient’s symptoms, flight details and position, algorithms and AI are used to triage the case acuity and, If necessary, the crew connects to a medical professional. As a unique point of difference, the technology is offered through a subscription, plus service fee and can be combined with consulting from leading industry experts in aviation medicine.


James Walker (co-founder and director of Scalare has joined the Flightcare Global Board as NED. Scalare Partners and our advisor network will be working with the Company on investor relations and launch communication strategy.

Expression of interest If you would like find out more about Flightcare Global, please contact

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