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How to take your startup global

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Key strategies (and pitfalls to avoid) to successfully scale and export your technology around the world

International growth can be transformational for founders and their businesses, creating huge opportunities for revenue growth and business expansion; however, it also brings with it significant risks and challenges.

Before jet-setting off on your quest for a bigger pot of gold, our practical, hands-on How to take your start-up global guide offers some important strategic considerations, tools, and advice to stow in your carry-on. These will help you avoid common mistakes, mitigate risks and get the best possible start on your road to international success.

At Scalare, we’re on a mission to create a greater impact by building a powerful, collaborative international network that connects exceptional founders, advisors and investors in a unique and powerful partnership. We have a long track record in helping clever founders take their technology global.

What is needed for international expansion?

In this guide, we discuss the four key components to preparing and evaluating your business readiness for global expansion.

  1. Understanding your globalisation ‘why’ and ‘why now’

  2. Understanding and establishing your product-market fit in new and diverse markets

  3. Preparation and key planning considerations for global export

  4. How to avoid common pitfalls and mitigate risks

Despite the promised valuation uplift, a business might achieve by presenting a good international growth story; the assumption that you can quickly generate 10 times the revenue in an international market, simply because it is 10 times bigger than your local market, is unlikely to prove true in the short to medium term.

As a rule, if you consider how hard it was to sign-up your first 10 customers in your home market you can assume that it will be more challenging, take longer and cost significantly more in a market you are not currently based in or don’t know as well, and may have different language and cultural considerations.

This is why it is essential for founders to prepare early for the globalisation process, build the right foundation and product fit, get access to the best advice and place their business in the best possible position to deliver on the golden promise of global growth!

In this essential how-to guide by global expansion expert and Scalare Founding Partner, Nick Roberts, we help founders evaluate international market entry strategies, prepare for the highs and lows of global expansion and importantly prepare to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes – to help you set your growth plans on the trajectory to global success.

About Scalare

At Scalare, we’re on a mission to create a greater impact by building a collaborative network that connects exceptional founders, advisors and investors in a unique and powerful partnership, because real transformation and growth takes more than money.

Our unique collaboration and partnership model provides clear pathways to global investors, experts and markets. We plug existing skills gaps in our portfolio companies from our best-of-breed advisor network to bring, expert resources exactly when needed to facilitate growth and deliver exceptional returns to investors and founders alike. Find out more >

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