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Scalare invests in Slipstream Advantage, a tech platform driving change for the transport industry

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are delighted to let you know we have invested in Slipstream, a cloud-based transport management platform focused on the transport and logistics industry.

Slipstream’s technology aims to transform the industry from manual processes to digital systems, challenging outdated systems and delivering a technology system to optimise business operations and better serve customers.

What does Slipstream Advantage do?

Slipstream is a cloud-based Transport Management Platform that has been purpose-built for the transport and logistics industry. The proprietary platform utilises advanced automation algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to allow companies to digitally manage, automate and optimise their operations.

Slipstream helps its customers understand and optimise operational efficiencies by identifying workflow bottlenecks, collecting data points and utilising AI to improve manual processes, eliminate human error as well as drive cost savings and overall fleet end personnel efficiencies. Hereby, ultimately improving sustainability across the transport and logistics industry.

Why did Scalare invest?

The Market

Transport and logistics businesses are traditionally cautious about change and adopting new technology. However, with customer demand continuing to skyrocket and the steep rise in the cost of labour and fleet services, many traditional transport businesses are under immense pressure to digitise and keep up with the competition.

Slipstream’s platform solves the problem: how can we use technology to help transport businesses improve efficiency, whilst retaining operating margins?

With manual and outdated planning processes hampering many operators in this industry, Slipstream’s promise is to make its digital solution easy for businesses to adopt and manage.

The platform delivers digital solutions that challenge typical assumptions and processes and provides businesses with a customised toolkit to drive efficiency, empower management and employees and serve customers better.

Scalare is delighted to be supporting this leading-edge technology solution to a significant industry problem.

The Founder/Team

Slipstream advantage has a proven, high-quality team with Founder Wade McDonough boasting an impressive background of 25 years working with tech startups in both Australia and the US, while COO Ryan McDonough has 20 years of significant marketing, operations and finance experience.

Founder Wade McDonough (left) and COO Ryan McDonough (right)

Together they bring a significant degree of business acumen, technology, strategic and international experience.

Slipstream Advantage has appointed Neil Carter as Chair and NED. Neil has 30 years’ experience in strategy and finance and has occupied senior executive roles in strategy consulting, investment banking and the technology industry.

The Product/Technology

Slipstream is a cloud-based transport management system, built to help transport and logistics businesses manage their logistical operations from one central application.

Put simply, there are three key technologies in place:

  • Cloud technology allows businesses greater transparency to track driver and vehicle movements across the network.

  • Machine learning allows businesses to make better decisions but anticipates the future needs of customers and constantly adapts to the changing environment.

  • Artificial intelligence techniques assist decision making, based on operational inputs such as driver behaviour, traffic and customer constraints.

The platform has a suite of modules that can be tailored and combined to deliver a customised solution to suit your business. Customers can select the features most suitable for their operational requirements. It can also integrate with existing systems and software.

Some of the many ways the Slipstream features work to maximise effectiveness include eliminating human error, reducing mileage, creating better fuel economy, identifying where your bottlenecks and slack resources lie, being able to redeploy internal resources, and optimising your fleet.

Each tool is managed from a central application, designed to be powerful yet simple to use.


Slipstream advantage has steadily grown over a number of years whilst organically earning a great reputation by way of word-of-mouth in an industry where peer-to-peer recommendations are essential.

The company is now gearing up for a pivot to a SaaS-based pricing model and an expansion of activities and customer acquisitions. Customers such as Cameron’s, John L. Pierce Transport and Ron Finemore Transport, headline their blue-chip customer portfolio.

With the increase in customer uptake of the technology, Slipstream is targeting an ASX IPO later this year to fund the expansion of the business development and implementation teams.

James Walker, a founding partner of Scalare Partners, will join the Slipstream Advantage board to support Ryan and Wade with their growth and development plans.

Slipstream is currently undertaking a pre-IPO investment round. This round is open to sophisticated investors from the Scalare community. If you would like to learn more, please contact Scalare Head of Community Pernille Aggerholm for an introduction to Ryan and Wade.

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