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We are excited to announce a new investment in WithU

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in a UK-based Fitness App, WithU! This is the sixth investment we have made at Scalare, and we are excited to work with Steve Clarke and actively support the team at WithU to help build on the impressive momentum in the business.

What does WithU do?

Launched in April 2020, WithU meets the growing demand for audio-led and on-demand personal training. The training is delivered by world-class coaches (including Olympic athletes), supported by an interactive avatar and a tailored music composition.

Why did Scalare Invest?

The Market The market opportunity is very significant (by 2023, 900 million people are expected to be using a fitness app). Evidently, the consumer opportunity is substantial, and concurrently, WithU is gaining early success in the corporate market with several global corporate employee deals signed.

The Founder/Team The leadership group at WithU is highly experienced and credible. They have a valuable blend of industry, marketing, technology and content expertise which is already very evident in their execution to date with the business.

The Product/technology The product is impressive, visually engaging and already rich in content and functionality with a roadmap of planned enhancements to build on both the community and the data opportunities. The usage and retention metrics are also showing encouraging levels of engagement from users.

We invite you to download the App from your AppStore, and get started with a 7-day free trial now.

Employers interested in supporting your teams' fitness and wellbeing, please submit your interest here.

Gym owners looking for an excellent value-add for your customers, please submit your interest here.

About Scalare

At Scalare, we’re on a mission to create a greater impact by building a collaborative network that connects exceptional founders, advisors and investors in a unique and powerful partnership, because real transformation, and growth takes more than money.

Our unique collaboration and partnership model provides clear pathways to global investors, experts and markets. We plug existing skills gaps in our portfolio companies from our best-of-breed advisor network - to bring, expert resources exactly when needed to facilitate growth and deliver exceptional returns to investors and founders alike. Find out more here

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