Sales Market Fit Program

The essential course for B2B founders

Understand and streamline your SaaS sales process



SaaS Sales Expert

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✔  Understand and map your client's buying process

✔  Understand and map your target market & client tiers

✔  Develop a sales process framework to provide to your sales team as you grow

✔  Get a clear activity schedule showing how you hit your revenue goals

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The Sales Market Fit (SMF) Program is a course designed to help B2B founders approach sales from a fundamental perspective. The SMF ethos is this; a sale is a consequence of someone deciding to buy, a lag indicator in the most basic form.

Where most sales courses set out to help a person "sell" better, this program will help you develop a framework that uncovers your target market's buying journey, allowing you to align your sales efforts to maximise your chances of success.


You will follow a structured program and receive ongoing support during implementation.  

Seven weekly group coaching sessions (live)

Lifetime access to online course content (On-demand)

Six months of ongoing access to live group coaching calls

two seats per company, founder and sales person


Meet your instructor

The SMF Program is presented by Gavin Tye, SaaS sales expert and Sales Director for MyPass Global. Gavin is passionate about helping founders scale their business by finding their unique sales market fit.

Gavin has refined the SMF Program through practical application and is currently leading the sales activity at MyPass who have recently secured several multinational clients.

Four key cornerstones for success

There are four key elements to the SMF Program to ensure success for founders:


Program content is delivered in bite-sized chunks, designed to be consumed when you get to the relevant stage in the sales journey.

The content for SMF has been developed in the field over many years of selling high-value SaaS across different industries. After many mistakes, missteps, lessons learned, and ultimately many successful wins, I have built and taught a repeatable sales process to help other founders in their business.


The content is delivered over the course of our seven weeks together, and at the same time, you will have access to the online course materials. 

Participants will have access to all future releases and upgrades to this course. 


Research your target clients, learn how the content applies to your markets and business.

The framework you will learn in this course is designed to apply to your chosen markets and require work on your behalf. Once you understand the concepts and how people/businesses generally make decisions, you will start to speak to your current clients and prospects to fill in your knowledge gaps and mould the framework to your business. 


Note: You do not need to know everything before you begin. You can learn, add to the framework over time, and when market conditions change (like a global pandemic), you will be able to recognise subtle changes before the competition. 


Begin applying your learnings to your sales efforts immediately.

A very tangible outcome of the program is understanding the level of activity you need to do every week to hit your revenue targets. You will then set up the optimal sales tools for your business to hit those activity goals as efficiently as possible and break through the invisible glass ceilings you probably don't know exists in your business. 


Once you are filling the “funnel” regularly, you begin applying the SMF framework moving your target clients through their buying journey as efficiently as possible to create a more predictable sales machine and exceed sales expectations. 


Weekly coaching sessions will help fine-tune your approach.

During our weekly group coaching sessions, I can help with specific challenges you may encounter in your sales journey. In my experience, the most successful salespeople have made the most mistakes and learnt the best lessons from them. Group coaching will help founders learn from each other and compound our knowledge to increase sales velocity. 


As the Sales Director of MyPass, I am working with the SMF framework daily, and I will be sharing our lessons, wins and challenges. 

Why should I take this course?

Understanding your clients’ buying decision journey is critical in today's economic environment.


Your clients have so much information readily available and chances are they are almost 70% through the buying process by the time they engage with a vendor.


Consequently, the client is far less likely to see your unique value, putting you at a disadvantage as your business is competing on expectations set by other providers and not your unique value proposition.


If you are applying the SMF framework, this scenario is far less likely to happen. 

Founders interested in applying

If you are interested to learn about this program and how it might apply to your business, please register your interest now. You will then have a complimentary call with Gavin, where he will help you review your current sales process, challenges, and goals and assess if the course will be right for you.