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There is a growing gap in the technology capital eco-system, abandoning early-stage founders exactly when they need access to funding the most.
Scalare Partners aims to bridge this gap, helping ensure the best tech innovators can change the world. 

We fund exceptional game-changers from diverse backgrounds who are preparing to disrupt globally to enable a smarter, cleaner, more connected future.


At Scalare, we’re on a mission to do greater, to be greater >

To create a greater impact by building a powerful, synergistic network that connects exceptional founders, advisors and investors in a unique partnership – to deliver the game-change to change-makers.

Because at Scalare, we know that  real transformation and growth takes more than money.

We partner with our portfolio for the long-term,  providing leadership and specialist expertise across a global network of best-of-breed professionals and advisors. We augment skills gaps at every step to help cross the divide from start-up to successful exit, ensuring exceptional portfolio results and return on investment.

Real transformation and growth takes more than money


How we Build Great Companies

We partner with great people and companies to deliver real transformation and scale.

Scalare’s long term, hands-on partnership model provides early-stage investments and critical resources on the continuing growth journey – right from initial engagement to successful exit.


We fund exceptional game-changing technologies which are preparing to disrupt globally.

Our approach identifies the clear leaders of tomorrow, bringing forward systemic change to drive a better future through innovation and purpose.


At Scalare, we partner for the long-term with our portfolio, by providing leadership and advisor access across an entire network of industry leading suppliers.

We augment skill gaps to ensure exceptional results and return on investment.


Our detailed diligence and milestone planning process means that we work with proven solutions ready to scale.

We work with founders when they really need us, which is often when it’s most difficult to access the capital and resources required to build the future


building great comPANIES

Our internationally experienced, cross functional team are deeply passionate about helping innovative companies and founders change the world.

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James Walker

James has over 25 years of experience as a senior executive of various high growth private companies. James has successfully completed multiple ASX IPOs, corporate acquisition transactions, secondary round raises on both the ASX and UK AIM markets and private capital raises.

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Carolyn Breeze

Carolyn is an accomplished commercial leader with over 20 years’ experience driving digital innovation and commercial teams across a broad range of business environments. With her willingness to share her leadership and commercial expertise, she is also a sought-after public speaker and thought leader in the tech industry.

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Nick Roberts

Nick is a successful entrepreneur, investor and company director with expertise in building, scaling and selling global data, compliance and technology businesses, having returned in excess of $300M to investors.

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Giles Bourne

Giles is a commercial leader in technology start-ups and scale-ups with thirteen years of experience as Managing Director of an ASX listed hi-tech company. Giles has a track record of securing expansion capital, strategic partnerships, JVs and licensing agreements.

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Jenny is a strategy focused and results orientated finance leader, with more than 15 years’ experience in improving financial governance, working in and advising multinational business to high growth start ups undertaking rapid change and growth.

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Tim is an entrepreneur and technologist, having co-founded and scaled an ASX-listed global technology business.
He has helped build and scale multiple businesses for the past 20 years, working across many companies in 12 countries.

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Scalare is building its global portfolio by investing in and supporting exceptional founders and technology disruptors. We have a strong pipeline of potential investments and mandates.

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