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Alternative Forms of Capital

Widen your horizons with this helpful guide to bring various funding opportunities into your startup business

Alternative Forms of Capital Guide 3D eBook


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Maximise your chances of achieving a successful funding mix

Knowing your funding options is critical to business success, but navigating and knowing which is right for your startup can be a stressful, time-consuming and tricky process.


This guide takes the guesswork out by looking closely at startup funding available to founders in the Australian tech ecosystem. You'll find ways to widen your horizons and look elsewhere for opportunities to bring funds into your business.


  • 19 alternative types of capital available to startups

  • Which type of funding is right for your business?

  • What type of funding is your business eligible for?

  • Pitfalls to avoid, and why

  • How Scalare can help you navigate the process

Scalare's team of investment experts understand the types of funding options for founders and can help demystify the choices that are available.


Our long experience helping businesses successfully raise expansion capital has shown us time and again how founders approach this process will be fundamental to their level of success and the amount of capital raised.

–  Jenny Li, Scalare Partner and Advisor
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