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Scalare invests in Curiious, an immersive event and learning Metaverse

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are delighted to let you know we have invested in Curiious, an immersive event and learning platform built for impact.

Curiious logo

Curiious have created the first fully interactive 3D immersive virtual event solution designed to improve ROI, create impact and drive value for customers, and create experiences for users which overcome traditional barriers of time, geography and cost.

What does Curiious do?

Curiious offers virtual event solutions designed to engage important audiences ‘anytime and anywhere’. Via interactive meeting environments, clients and event companies can deliver online and hybrid events for their stakeholders, without the typical constraints of hybrid and face-to-face events such as time, geography and cost for participants. With Curiious, the technology becomes the venue allowing clients to create their own 3D world to deliver an immersive experience that features adult learning techniques, live sessions, gaming, networking, media galleries and more, delivering deep engagement and ROI for customers.

Why did Scalare invest?

The Market

The past few years have seen events change forever. With the virtual event industry reporting a 700% growth during the pandemic, event organisers have recognised that virtual and hybrid events will remain a vital part of their long-term strategy.

This shift to hybrid events, coupled with a now more mobile workforce, is driving the need for innovating virtual meeting and training solutions across B2E, B2B and B2C communications.

Businesses have needed to embrace virtual solutions in order to deliver value for their stakeholders in this new communication landscape. Virtual events allow a broader reach, a lower cost to host, and there is a greater range of event technology available. However, with the existing approaches in the market, delegates frequently experience low-quality experiences, show poor engagement and are limited in their communication options.

The Curiious platform is not only a virtual replacement for face-face-training and events but designed as a rich and ongoing resource centre which can be accessed ‘anytime from anywhere’ with visitors experiencing the virtual destination in the format that best suits them. Clients can create their own 3D world to deliver an immersive experience that features adult learning techniques, live sessions, gaming, networking, media galleries and more, to deliver deep engagement and ROI.

The global pandemic may have propelled users towards an online environment, however the pivot to a more imaginative world of hybrid and immersive experiences demonstrates significant opportunities for the platform to be deployed across a broad range of industries.

Curiious event and learning platform

The Founder/Team

Curiious has a team with a rich and long history of delivering events, managing projects, and creating innovative software solutions.

CEO Michelle Schuberg (pictured below) has nearly 30 years of international experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Roles as Executive Creative Director with Imagination Australia and Executive Creative Director with Jack Morton Worldwide saw her create award-winning campaigns for big name brands including Woolworths, Telstra, Ford, Audi, Samsung and Microsoft.

Michelle is supported by a Phil Sullivan as CTO whose 20 plus years’ experience in new media, creative technology, software solution development and VR/AR/XR tech stand him in good stead to lead Curiious’ technology solution. She is also joined by Karen Arkell with 20+ years’ experience managing projects, events and people and Laurel Cook who brings almost 20 years of marketing, advertising and events expertise.

The Product/technology

Curiious’ virtual platform is designed to ‘serve everybody, everywhere’. Accessed by a web browser, users can experience the virtual destination via computer, mobile, tablet and VR, with no new software required or app download needed. All content is maintained on existing authentication platforms within existing security measures, therefore posing no security risk to site visitors.

The technology is scalable and cost-effective - built for average, ‘non-tech-savvy’ users, making it easy to pick up and play. For customers, there are no hard controls to learn, and the platform is easy to populate with new or existing content, whilst maintaining access and security controls. You can personalise and customise the design to suit your business and integrate with your in-house credential platform, with a single sign-on. Support levels are flexible with choices to suit the customer’s ability and needs.

Curiious can be used for events, training and everyday meetings and interactions, in conjunction with meeting solutions such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet and can integrate with any delegate registration system.


The team at Curiious has delivered immersive experiences live, online and through VR and AR for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Infiniti, Linx CCG, and Primal Pictures, among others.

On their collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, Curiious’ client says:

“As the digital world continues to evolve, it has been so refreshing working with the Curiious team as we collaborate on re-defining our digital education footprint. Together we are challenging the status quo of online education and working towards a truly democratised virtual platform that transports the user to an interactive metaverse, no matter what device they have access to.”

– Kylie Finker-Jarrett, Customer Experience & Digital Education at DePuy Synthes ANZ, Johnson & Johnson MedTech

Curiious’ newest client Four Pillars Gin, a premium Australian gin brand, is using the Curiious metaverse platform to create a virtual Four Pillars academy for trade partners in Australia and around the world.

As the brand continues to grow and reach new markets and audiences, this virtual Four Pillars academy will allow trade partners near and far to engage with Four Pillars and learn about their range of gins and the distillation process, the story behind the brand, as well as their two homes – Healesville Distillery and Sydney Laboratory. This virtual academy will also host pre-recorded and live training sessions and gin masterclasses, allowing trade customers to meet and interact with the people behind Four Pillars Gin.

Scalare is delighted to be supporting Curiious as they expand their client base and grow the business into one of the world’s leading immersive tech innovators.

Luke Harvey-Palmer from Scalare’s business advisory community will join Curiious as Non-Executive Director and support Curriious with their expansion plans.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Scalare Head of Community Pernille Aggerholm for an introduction to Michelle.


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