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Scalare invests in Jeddle - the ultimate learning companion

Updated: Apr 28

We are excited to announce that we have invested in Jeddle, an online resource platform for high school students and teachers.

What does Jeddle do?

Jeddle offers the ultimate learning companion for students, unlocking individual potential through online resources that are practical, syllabus-specific and geared towards academic success. Already partnered with over 80 high schools in NSW, Jeddle is expanding its reach beyond the HSC to help more students across a broader range of subjects.

Jeddle’s approach to academic success is about inspiring critical thought, instilling confidence in students, and cultivating a love for learning. The platform offers practical, comprehensive and exam-friendly materials to help students achieve their academic potential and optimise results for students of all abilities.

Jeddle has collaborated with a team of top achievers for each course and highly qualified teachers in NSW, including senior HSC markers.

Why did Scalare invest?

The Market

Having been engaged as a private tutor for several years, Jeddle’s Founder saw the frustration of students whose marks continually fell short of their educational goals, and identified that more practical guidance was needed. With class time being limited, students are not always allowed sufficient time with their teachers, and tutoring can be expensive and inaccessible.

Jeddle also identified the need to modernise the traditional textbook style of learning, which can be dry and dull, by providing students with immersive experiences online that make education fun and interactive.

What began as an intensive HSC workshop program has been developed into an extensive online resource platform specifically designed to improve the way in which students learn, offering practical study tools at just the click of a button. With a Jeddle account, every student can learn from the best teachers and the best-performing students in a given subject, making education accessible for all.

The Australian high schools market has a current pool of 2800+ high schools, 1.5M+ students and 150K+ teachers, coupled with a global market for tutoring of approximately $238B (2028 projection). In addition, Jeddle has considered the following:

  • ANZ’s underlying student enrolment is expected to continue to grow at 1–2% CAGR over the next 5-6 years, driving addressable market growth

  • The market has witnessed widespread adoption of digital devices for educational purposes in schools and this trend is expected to continue

  • The number of subscriptions per student is expected to gradually increase from 2-4 to 4-6

Whilst Jeddle currently specialises in teacher-certified resources for the HSC course in NSW, it has identified significant growth potential through expanding its collaborative tech offering to years 7-12 in NSW, rolling out to QLD and VIC schools in 2023, and offering a customised version to other Australian states in 2024.

Jeddle excels against its competition in terms of its depth of content, practicality, feedback customisation and interactivity.

The Founder/Team

Founder and CEO Jonathan Boyle (Jonny) is an entrepreneur with 5 years’ experience of managing Jeddle. He holds a Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws from the University of Sydney and is passionate about inspiring others through education.

Jonny is supported by an experienced team across sales, marketing and product development.

The Product/technology

Jeddle's e-learning platform is highly accessible, both in terms of payment and functionality.

For subscribers, yearly access is granted by one payment designed for either an individual or a school, billed at the time of purchase with an option to renew. Users can subscribe to as many subjects as they like, and can choose individual texts or electives to create their own tailored ‘bundle’. The platform itself is compatible with all devices and operates as a web application.


Jeddle has a strong pipeline of customers across NSW, with over 80 schools and 8000+ students across both private and public school sectors signed up for the Year 12 English course alone. There are strong growth opportunities to offer educational content across Years 7-12 in all subjects, prior to expanding to other states.

Although Jeddle has only been running for 5 years, it has proven results from its subscribers who have reported drastic improvements in their results.

Jeddle's customer at St Catherine's School, Sydney, says: says:

As a department, we have used Jeddle’s resources with our students for the past few years and are extremely happy with the package.
We enrol each Year 12 student and the materials are used as in-class teaching and learning resources and at home by the girls for independent work and revision.
I find the resources to be an excellent option, tailored specifically to the demands of the HSC course. Offering sophisticated analysis and in-depth consideration of the set texts, the materials are still accessible and user-friendly.”

– Carla Maxted, former Head of English at St Catherine's School, Sydney

Scalare is delighted to be supporting Jeddle as it focuses on building a leading educational platform.

Investment & Engagement

Scalare will be working closely with Jeddle to deliver support in a range of business areas.

Jeddle has appointed Japan Mehta as Non-Executive Director to support the team with their expansion plans. Japan is a valued member of the Scalare advisor community and a seasoned business executive, leader, and strategist offering over 20 years’ experience;

extending to exceptional leadership, stakeholder management, innovative business growth and global expansion experience. If you wish to discuss further, please contact Japan for an introduction to Jonny.

To find out more, Jeddle offers a range of video tutorials via its YouTube channel and podcast series. You can also connect with Jeddle via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.


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