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Welcome to our new Head of Community!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are thrilled to welcome Pernille Aggerholm as Head of Community at Scalare Partners!

Pernille brings ten years of experience across marketing and communications roles with a focus on digital, social and community management.

Pernille is a great cultural fit for Scalare Partners as she shares our energy and passion for creating exceptional growth and opportunity for our game-changing investors, advisors and founders.

“I’m beyond excited to be working alongside such a skilled and knowledgeable team and to help unlock the potential of the global Scalare Partners community.”

Join us in welcoming Pernille to our team!

Introducing Pernille Aggerholm, Scalare Head of Community
Introducing Pernille Aggerholm, Scalare Head of Community

About Scalare

At Scalare, we’re on a mission to create a greater impact by building a collaborative network that connects exceptional founders, advisors and investors in a unique and powerful partnership, because real transformation, and growth takes more than money.

Our unique collaboration and partnership model provides clear pathways to global investors, experts and markets. We plug existing skills gaps in our portfolio companies from our best-of-breed advisor network - to bring, expert resources exactly when needed to facilitate growth and deliver exceptional returns to investors and founders alike. Find out more here

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