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An insider's guide to protecting your IP

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

IP protection can seem like a complex, costly and daunting prospect for startup founders to navigate. However, it can be an essential foundation for building value and attracting capital, underpinning your business’ success.

The earlier you act and the better guidance you receive, the simpler and more cost-effective this process can be.

Intellectual Property (IP) and how to successfully protect it is frequently misunderstood by founders, leading to costly and sometimes irreversible consequences down the track.

Did you know startups with registered IP are up to 67% more likely to attract capital investment on their growth journey?

At Scalare Partners, we’ve seen it time and again, where IP expenditure is deferred under the guise of 'saving money', especially by founders avoiding seeking expert advice, or attempting to DIY initial patent and trade mark filings. However, there are times when getting the right advice at the right time saves you time and money while helping you succeed. Navigating the complexity of IP is one of those times.

Intangible assets such as IP and brand reputation can account for up to 84% of a company’s valuation.

In our essential Insider’s Guide to IP, Scalare Partners Non-Executive Director and FB Rice’s expert Patent Attorney, Rachel Hooke and FB Rice’s Trade Mark specialist, Sarah Dixon share everything you need to know to:

  1. identify your protectable assets;

  2. avoid common pitfalls to save time and money; and

  3. build your company investability and valuation.

While also busting some dangerous IP myths along the way!

By securing your IP, it can create profound value and investability in your business – increasing your chance of attracting growth capital by 67%.

If you are a startup founder, chances are you have more intellectual assets and ways to protect them than you think. Don’t miss this definitive and FREE guide to protecting your intellectual property. Download your copy >


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