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How to Prepare for a Successful Capital Raise: Part Three

Use this practical guide for tips on how to facilitate a successful capital raise

At Scalare, we believe that real transformation takes more than money – however, new businesses require capital to both scale and succeed!

Scalare Partners have a long history of successfully raising new capital for businesses and understand how the different options available to Founders can be tricky to navigate.

Finding investors that are aligned to the founder’s vision, that can help achieve that vision, are critical when defining the ‘right type’ of investor for your company. Many good businesses fail because shareholders are note aligned on the short, medium and long term objectives of the company and its founder.

Considering the type and number of investors you would like to fill the round is important not just for now, but for the future of your business. Identifying investors who can help across these areas will have a significant impact on the company’s future success.

In our practical, hands-on three-part Capital Raising Series by Scalare Founding Partner and fund-raising expert, James Walker, we help you:

In Part 3, available to download now, we help founders consider the type of investors they require, how many and whether they will help with the business; how to attract these investors and how to close out a successful investment round.

Download Part 3 of our practical Capital Raising Series guide today.

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