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How to prepare for a successful capital raise

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Getting your house in order and navigating funding preparedness

At Scalare, we believe that real transformation takes more than money, however, it’s a simple reality that growing businesses require significant capital to both scale and succeed!

Our long experience helping businesses successfully raise expansion capital has shown us, time and again, how founders approach this process will be fundamental to their level of success and the amount of capital raised.

It can be easy for founders to underestimate the time and effort it can take to raise capital, however, by firstly getting your house in order, you're giving yourself the best possible chance of speed and success.

This can be both an enormous amount of effort and cost, often when you are already stretched, running and growing your business simultaneously.

It is essential for scale-ups to prepare for the raising process early, to get access to the best advice and place their business in a position to seize the opportunity as it arises.

In our practical, hands-on three-part Capital Raising Series by Scalare Co-Founder and fund-raising expert, James Walker we will help you:

  • navigate your funding preparedness

  • identify which structure and type of capital is right for your business, and

  • how to facilitate a successful raise.

In Part 1, available to download now, we help founders craft a compelling investment offer, get due diligence ready (including providing our complete due diligence checklist), set up for good governance and achieve business valuation consensus.

About Scalare

At Scalare, we’re on a mission to create a greater impact by building a collaborative network that connects exceptional founders, advisors and investors in a unique and powerful partnership, because real transformation and growth takes more than money.

Our unique collaboration and partnership model provides clear pathways to global investors, experts and markets. We plug existing skills gaps in our portfolio companies from our best-of-breed advisor network to bring, expert resources exactly when needed to facilitate growth and deliver exceptional returns to investors and founders alike. Find out more >

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