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Navigating the Future: Tech Investment Trends & Global Economy 2023

Last week, the Scalare Partners community teamed up with LGT Crestone Wealth Management who graciously hosted an insightful evening of presentation and discussion on the global economy and investment trends for 2023.

We were in danger of being distracted by the spectacular views of Sydney harbour, however, the discussions we were treated to were sharp, compelling and refreshingly optimistic.

LGT Crestone's Chief Investment Officer Scott Haslem kicked off the evening with an overview of the broad economic and market landscape and shared his insights into the impacts of challenges such as the fight against inflation, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the re-opening of China. Of particular interest was his data showing that the market is as buoyant as it was pre-pandemic; and whilst inflation volatility is likely to persist, the prediction is for more 'normal' interest rates and a less gloomy outlook ahead. We are already seeing some positive developments as we enter 2023.

Scott Haslem's presentation
Scott Haslem, Chief Investment Officer, LGT Crestone Wealth Management Ltd

Scott joined the panel of investment experts including LGT Crestone's Head of Sustainable Investment Amanda MacDonald and Blackbird Ventures' Partner Samantha Wong, hosted by Scalare CEO Carolyn Breeze. Carolyn teased out some interesting insights into what investment trends the panel are seeing, and how the current economic environment is impacting early-stage start-ups.

Panel discussion
Carolyn Breeze, Samantha Wong, Amanda MacDonald and Scott Haslem

INSIGHTS from the panel

Amanda shared how Crestone’s ESG approach is on allocating capital sustainably, meeting the needs of today, without compromising future generations; working with a focus on excluding categories that don’t meet those criteria, and active stewardship. Clients are showing a greater focus on companies that have women on their boards and show a philanthropical side.

Scott described a global momentum around sustainable investing, the energy transition, and how significant subsidies have generated opportunities which might serve climate-tech start-ups.

Sam shared with the audience how Blackbird works with ambitious, talented founders who want to solve problems; and how their investment criteria, without being specifically ESG-focused, take a future-focussed lens. There are plenty of opportunities in the market for investments aligned with climate, healthcare, defence, cyber and gender-equal investing, and significant capital wanting to flow into the climate sector.

One key takeaway from the discussion was the growing importance of ESG factors for founders looking to attract investors who increasingly prioritise non-traditional measures of success alongside long-term financial returns.

Thank you Antony Karpin and the team at LGT Crestone for the opportunity to support Scalare’s tech founders and community by sharing your knowledge.

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