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Ask the Expert: Scalare Partners on inclusion, entrepreneurship and breaking barriers!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Why is it important for founders to foster diversity and inclusion in the tech industry? The Scalare team were thrilled by the opportunity from Inspiring Rare Birds to join their 'Ask the Expert' webinar, to discuss breaking barriers, the road to improving gender balance and cultural diversity within entrepreneurship, and answer burning questions about capital raising, scaling businesses, perfecting your pitch, becoming an investor and more!

Scalare Partner, Jenny Li, shared her background and personal journey in technology entrepreneurship, investment and business advisory and shared her insights on building her networks and confidence as a female business leader.

Jenny is particularly passionate about the ways founders and start-ups can play an active role in being more inclusive, how to build on their team's diversity and its benefits.

Head of Marketing, Partnerships & Community, Pernille Aggerholm, and Community Manager, Sarah Macaulay, also joined the panel, leading a Q&A session around capital raising, building relationships with investors, scaling businesses, perfecting your pitch, becoming an investor and more.

The team received some great questions, generating a wide range of hot topics for discussion!

The Highlights

  • - Practising inclusion in your business no matter how small

  • - Why D&I matters to your business performance and to investors

  • - Building your confidence and networks

  • - Getting visible to investors, how to connect and build those important relationships

  • - Making every investment meeting matter

  • - Raising capital in the current market: what investors are looking for, and how to be prepared

  • - Pitching with passion and knowing your numbers

  • - Not the Founder? How to step into a leadership role

  • - The importance of elevation for the senior leadership team

  • - Becoming an investor and how to take the first steps on your journey

  • - Protecting your IP

  • - Accessing grant funding

It was exciting to hear viewpoints and insights from our audience of founders, small business owners, emerging entrepreneurs and leaders, and understand some of the challenges they are facing. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

The Panel

Dive into the discussion and watch the recording.


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