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Will boosting diversity within entrepreneurship also boost innovation?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Female, Asian-Australian and other ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds still face disproportionate barriers when it comes to starting and scaling a business and enterprise in Australia. These barriers range from factors such as difficulties accessing finance, lack of human and social capital and the existence of unconscious bias and discriminatory attitudes.

Scalare Partners, in partnership with the Centre for Asian-Australian Leadership (CAAL) at the Australian National University (ANU) hosted an interactive webinar on 16 December 2021 to shine a light on these issues.

Led by a panel of game-changing leaders, founders and entrepreneurs from across Australia, Singapore and New York, the panel provided their unique personal experiences and professional perspectives on how to advance and expand diversity across Australia’s entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the technology and innovation spaces.

The panellists are:

This is a must-watch webinar for current and prospective founders and investors from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds seeking advice and inspiration to break through and succeed in Australia, across the Asian region and the globe.

Key highlights the panellists provided included:

  • the paths they took to entrepreneurship and how, as diverse founders, give back to the ecosystem;

  • what can be done to improve and expand diversity in entrepreneurship, venture capital and investments in Australia;

  • ideas on challenging the status quo in established organisations to create change and expand opportunities;

  • how to get started as an entrepreneur; and

  • the competitive edge entrepreneurs and founders from diverse backgrounds bring to the table.

Scalare Partners aims to play a leadership role to address the gaps and identify collaborative opportunities to boost diversity in entrepreneurship.

We encourage you to reach out and share ideas on how to diversify the pool of entrepreneurs and investors in Australia, engage and support them with tailored initiatives to fulfil their aspirations.

View the recording below:


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About Anu CAAL
Australian National University logo

The Centre for Asian-Australian Leadership (CAAL) is the first of its kind. Established in 2020 by the Australian National University, CAAL addresses the significant under-representation of Asian-Australians in leadership positions within Australia’s public institutions and major private sector corporations.

CAAL undertakes independent research, targeted engagement and outreach initiatives. The Centre drives national conversations, establishes partnerships and challenges existing leadership models to ensure our institutions better reflect the rich diversity of our society.

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