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'Together we Rise': Navigating the evolving tech landscape, Founder stories and Scalare's expansion

Last week’s event was an absolute joy, courtesy of our exceptional guests and presenters who filled the room with an electrifying blend of energy, passion, and a strong sense of community. Whether through captivating videos or in person, the true standout of the evening was the inspiring Founders who graced the stage to introduce themselves and update our community on their latest developments.

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Insights from Scalare's CEO: Navigating the Ever-Evolving Tech Landscape

Our audience was abuzz with anticipation as they eagerly awaited Carolyn’s insights into Australia’s changing tech landscape. She began by delving into the current state of the market, revealing how valuations are still stabilising, and causing profound impact on founders and young tech companies. The rising cost of capital has unleashed a wave of new challenges, where even previously high-flying enterprises are now facing obstacles due to their high capital consumption.

Amidst this challenging environment, Carolyn stressed the importance of focusing on what truly matters. For founders, the key lies in planning ahead and never losing sight of what you are building towards a sustainable, fast-growing business.

"There is money in the market for the right startups, solving the world's problems, with their heads on their shoulders when it comes to finances."

For investors, Carolyn believes now is a better time than ever - it is a golden opportunity to seize the moment to invest in early-stage tech companies. Carolyn commented that the strongest and most exceptional ventures will thrive, as remarkable technologies continue to emerge, and we are seeing some of the best tech to date come through our doors. A tantalising glimpse of the future!

Our theme, 'Together we Rise', resonates as we embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

Carolyn Breeze, Scalare CEO

Momentum and growth stories from our existing Founders in Australia and beyond

It was a pleasure for Scalare to introduce Zondii. Founder Danielle Morton astutely recognised a remarkable opportunity in the AgTech sector and together with a team of scientists, created a groundbreaking technology that empowers farmers and consumers by providing the tools, data and science to get recognition and maximise profits for their food or fibre. Now partnered with Australian Wool Innovation Limited, news of Zondii’s wool scanning product has reached their vast membership of 22,000 sheep farms that are lining up for this exciting technology.


We were thrilled to have Jeddle Founder Jonny Boyle join us for an energetic presentation of their Ed Tech which is transforming the landscape for high school students. Their practical, syllabus-specific resources via an interactive learning platform have seen exciting traction and with over 100 NSW schools already signed up on multi-year contracts, Jeddle is positioned for growth.

Jeddle Founder, Jonny Boyle


Roi-AI CEO Chris South beamed in from Auckland to explain how their marketing automation platform is solving problems for recruiters, enabling them to monetise their vast databases, close deals successfully and win the war on talent.

Watch this space for more on Roi-AI’s industry-leading HR Tech soon!

Existing Companies Celebrate Momentum

Our audience was happy to welcome back some familiar faces and hear how they are scaling.

We heard from Daniel Wasilewsky of FreeGuides, a trailblazer in AI-enhanced travel experiences. FreeGuides has an exciting new deployment, offering a unique tool that allows hotels to create personalised experiences for their guests.

It was a delight to introduce the new Catalyser CEO, Asim Brown, who along with Co-Founder Angela Kwan updated our audience on Catalyser’s unique workplace giving platform which delivers significant impact as well as key ESG metrics - now crucial for any business.

Curiious’ unique virtual experiences platform is gaining significant traction with some of the world’s biggest brands who are using it to deliver technology and content solutions to engage, train and develop both their employees and B2B audiences.

CEO Michelle Schuberg tells the story best herself, and you can hear it from her here.

If you would like to hear more about any of our exciting portfolio companies, the founders and current fundraising rounds, please get in touch with our team.

Scalare Focus: Innovation, Expansion and Fundraising

Scalare Partner, Jenny Li

Scalare's Jenny Li captivated the audience with her very upbeat approach to saving cash for our founders! Scalare’s model offers crucial resources to portfolio companies through a virtual services model, designed for times when capital reserves are critical.

Our model not only saves businesses money but ignites their growth, enabling them to thrive.

The Australian Technologies Competition

Scalare Partner, Giles Bourne

Scalare recently acquired the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC), Australia’s national competition designed to identify and showcase the most innovative and promising Australian technology companies.

We are looking forward to this year’s program and its continuing role in helping innovators realise their global potential. Entries close on Sunday 4 June so there is still time to enter! For details visit

Scalare's Expansion and Fundraising Plans

Scalare Partners Nick Roberts and James Walker wrapped up the evening with an overview of the portfolio and shared some exciting plans.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • The Scalare model: We take great pride in supporting and nurturing promising ventures, and the close relationship we develop with founders allows us to embark on the journey together - from their first few customers through to becoming successful global businesses.

  • Celebrating our Founders: We take our hats off to all the hardworking founders in the portfolio, we are on the journey with you all the way as you build amazing businesses!

  • Future plans: Good valuations and sensible terms make it a very exciting time, and the quality opportunities coming to Scalare from early-stage founders fuel our desire to make further investments.

  • Fundraising: Scalare is currently raising capital to continue the successful trajectory and enable more investments in early-stage tech businesses. If you’d like more information, please get in touch with the team.

Building our Community

Judging by the buzz in the room, many new connections were made and we look forward to nurturing those conversations and introductions further. Thank you once again to everyone who made 'Together We Rise' a night to remember. Let's continue this journey of growth and community building together!

If you'd like to become involved in the community, or have interest in the Scalare capital raise, please get in touch. It would be great to have you on the journey with us.

If you missed out, you can watch the event highlights below.

– The Scalare Team

To stay updated on all Scalare Community activity, follow our LinkedIn page.

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